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V.A.Devakumar, DBS (Innovative interior designer) – Founder of Dealers' Benefit Scheme has more than 25 years of experience in Timber, Plywood, Decorative Veneers and Laminates industry. After his (Diploma / Study in) expertise in Interior decoration, he started analyzing the best products in this industry by way of using in his own interior decoration projects. Inside he supplied the raw materials at economical low rates to all the dealers in and around Chennai under Dealers' Benefit Scheme. By this scheme the dealers enjoyed doubled benefits and services in this field. As a milestone, now the DBS has introduced BIS, a new concept selling through online in the name of www.buildinginteriorsolutions .com through the web world. By this website anyone who visits the site will be fulfilled with information and gets supply of all the products in building- exterior and interior industry and further they can pay through online by using their own debit and credit cards and account transfers. This type of service is the First ever in Tamilnadu in this field in the name of BIS as similar to the quality certified by Bureau of Indian Standards.

welcome to Building and Interior Solutions

Building Interior Solutions is a new step / initiative in online sales of plywoods and laminates. By this step of logging into, a customer who is in need of any product in this industry can get the full information about the products in detailed profile rendered by the supplying companies through power point presentations. In this site, customers will be informed and educated about the quality and nature of the product, different brands available in the market along with the best price preloaded in the website. By this site, customer who enters into the site will be welcomed with attention and supported by the representatives and they can get the quotations/estimate immediately by way of clicking the mouse points. The customer who gets the quotation/estimate can also pay through online immediately and get the delivery commitments on the site.

welcome to Dealers' Benefit Scheme

DBS will function as a unity in dealer for availing low rate by group purchasers which will lead to avail more discount and better competitive rates from the companies. The main aim and object of DBS is to supply the DBS dealers at the least low rate at all times in order to be profitable in each and every purchases, DBs dealers will be informed and educated with the details of latest and old products available in the market along with the rates and samples which leads to live market awareness of all the products in this field. DBS dealers will be circulated with ready recon able low and least price of fast moving products and popular brands of timber, plywood, laminates, veneers, boards, adhesives, etc., The change or alterations in the rates of companies products will be informed periodically through phone or by regular circulars.

DBS (Dealers' Benefit Scheme) is business to dealers and BIS (Building Interior Solutions) is business to direct customers (end users). DBS and BIS will be Best In Service in supplying to Interior and Furniture industry.
By DBS and BIS , the dealers and customers can get all the products in this timber, plywood and laminate industry.


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Plywoods have innumerable applications in Interior Decoration and construction industry. We deal with the following type of Plywoods:
Bwr –Plywoods ( Boiling Water Resistant Plywoods ), Water Proof Plywoods, Fire Retardant Plywoods, Fire Proof Plywoods, Marine Plywoods, Bwp Plywoods ( Boiling Water Proof Plywoods ), Commercial Plywoods, Commercial Mr Plywoods, Film Faced Plywoods, Shuttering Plywoods, Melamine Grade Plywood, Gurjan Plywood, Chequered Plywood, Diamond Plywood, Flexy Plywood, Flexi Ply, Decorative Plywood, Veneered Plywood..,
Among plywoods, we deal with the following brands:
Kitply, Greenply, Sharon Ply , Oswin Ply, Uniply, Mayur Ply, Lifelong Ply, Royal Ply, Meritply,Timex Ply, Assamprestige Ply, Century Ply, Merino Ply, Trojan Ply,Passport Ply, Unique Ply, Zeus Ply, Mwp Ply, Associate Ply, Oscar Ply, Dbs Ply, Bis Ply, Solid Gold Ply, Everest Ply, Flamingo Ply, Kenwood Ply, Prestige Ply, Durian Ply, Vir Ply, Archid Ply, Asis Ply, Samrat Ply, Sonata Gold Ply, Sonear Ply, Fine Ply, India Prestige Ply, Action Tesa Ply, Assam Orient Ply, G Ply, Imported Ply, Jockey Ply, True Value Ply,Assam Gold Ply, Assam Golden Ply, Samrat Ply, National Ply, Globe Ply, Indica Ply, Titan Ply, Kalinga Ply, Kitgold Ply, Kitmarine Ply, Kitply- Royal Ply, Sharongold Ply, Sharon Platinum Ply, Century Architect Ply, Uro Ply,Taj Ply, Bosco Ply, Sharp Ply, Margo Ply,Cargo Ply,…,


Flush Doors

One can never enter or come out of a room without passing through a door. Now a days, doors are readily available in any size, finish and designs of your choice. We have a wide variety of flushdoors under one roof like:
Maindoor, Bedroom Door, Bathroom Door, Pooja Room Doors—Film Face Door, Burma Teak Door, Teak Veneered Door, Masonite Skin Door, Resin Coated Door, Bwr Doors, Bwp Doors, Pvc Coated Doors, Embossed Doors, Carved Doors, Panel Doors, Mdf Doors, Solid Timber Doors, Imported Doors, Merantiwood Doors, Finger Joint Rubber Wood Doors, Malaysian Teak Doors, White Panel Doors, Prelaminated Doors—
Door Brands—Dbs Door, Bis Door, Prestige Door, Eagle Door, Sun Door, Gem Door, Shakthi Flush Door, Apsara Door, Kutty Flush Door, Ozone Door , Mwp Door, Supreme Door, Metalwood Door, Metro Gold Door, Ozone Door, Kailash Door, Patidar Door,



Teakwood- Burma Teak-African Teak-Malaysian Teak-Nigerian Teak-Coloumbian Teak-Gana Teak—Violet Wood-Mango Wood-Neem Wood- Pine Wood-Rose Wood-Padauk Wood-Sal-Konguwood-Manjakadambu-Venteak-Silverwood-White Cedarwood-Redcedar Wood-Rubber Wood-Treated Rubber Wood-Merantiwood-Sesamwood-Borotik-Kapoor Wood-Hardwoods-Softwoods-Packing Woods—Teakwood First Quality Wood-Teakwood Second Quality Wood-Finger Joint Wood…,
Timber Importers- Timber Wholesale Dealers-Timber Retail Dealers-Timber Dealers-Timber Wholesalers-Timber Suppliers-Teakwood Suppliers



Following are the types of Veneers that are available in the market which are also dealt by us:
Decorative Veneers, Teak Veneers, Natural Veneers, Recon Veneers, Burl Veneers, Artificial Veneers, ..
Brands of Veneers that we deal with are:
Silicon Veneers, Prestige Veneers, Timex Veneers, Sharon Veneers, Vir Veneers, United Veneers, Legend Veneers, Zenith Veneers, Flamingo Veneers, Uro Veneers, Durian Veneers, Archid Veneers, Asis Veneers, Samrat Veneers, Euro Veneers, Garnet Veneers, Century-Senzura Styles, Greenwood Veneers..,



Laminates are becoming the most sought-after trend in interior decoration. Laminates give the finishing touch for the whole concept of interior decoration. We deal with all variants and brands of laminates available in the market.
We deal with the following variants in laminate sheets:
Decorative Laminate Dealers - Laminate Dealers Wholesale — Laminate Dealers Retail—Laminated Sheets Distributors-Decorative Laminates, Backer Laminates, Industrial Grade Laminates, Hdmr Grade Laminates, Post Forming Laminates, Imported Laminates, Flexy Laminates, Fgfr Laminates,
We are dealers with the following brands of laminates:
Sundek Laminate—Sundek International, Sundek Supreme, Sundek Evershine, Sundek Electra, Sundek Fire Mica. Merino Laminates—Milano, Indus, Calcutta Plus, Torpido,Merinolam, Merino Flex. Greenlam—Green Touch—Greenlam-New Mika, Greenlam—New Point Eight, Green Lam Flex Mica, Vir Laminates, Virgo Mica, Croma Mica, Crown Laminates, Motilam , Bravia Laminate, Aero Lam, Century Mica, Century Lam, Archid Mica, Archid Lam, Leo Laminate, Heritage Mica, Asis Mica, Samrat Mica, Cedar Lam, Sonear Mica, Durian Mica, Britannia Mica, Silicon Laminate, Silicon Mica, Boutanica Mic A, Brush Hpl Mica, Belador Mica, Bloom Mica, Olive Mica, Signor Mica, Timex Mica, Milton Mica, Regal Lam, Sonata Mica, Amulya Mica, Uro Mica, National Mica, Décor Plus Mica, Associate Lam,. Associate Mica, Bolly Wood Mica, Orange Mica, Classic Plus Mica, Bloom Saga, Bloom Slim Mica, Silicon Slim Mica, Ten Mica,New Mika—Vasthusasthra Collections, Optus Mica, Century Mica- Opulenza Romania, Rolex Mica, Matrix Mica, Merino Mr+, Merino Hi Gloss Mica, Asis Lam, Delta Mica,Bis Mica, Dbs Mica,Stylam..,


MDF & Particle Boards

Interior partitions & furnitures are now-a-days made with Particle boards and MDF boards. These boards are available as prelaminated or as raw boards on which veneers or decorative laminates of your choice can be pasted.
We deal with the following types of MDF & Particle boards:
Soft Boards, Novapan, Interior Grade Mdf, Exterior Grade Mdf, Prelaminated Mdf, Prelaminated Particle Boards, Plain Particle Boards,Plain Mdf, Plain Hdf, Pin Boards, Hardboards, Western India Hardboards, Jolly Boards, Holes Hard Boards,



Teakwood First Quality Plain Beadings, Ready Made Teak Beadings, Teakwood Second Quality Plain Beadings, Teakwood Design Beadings, Teakwood Mould Beadings, Teakwood Inlay Beadings, Manja Kadambu Design Beadings, Wooden Carved Beadings, Wooden Pattis, Wooden Designed Beadings, Wooden Carved Flowers,Pvc Carved Flowers,Pvc Beadings, Pvc Design Beadings, Pvc Edge Banding Tapes, Edge Band Profiles, Pvc Profiles, Pvc Channels, Pvc Sections…,



As a total Interior solution provider, we deal with all types of panel boards, glasses, mirrors, paints and tiles that are used for false ceiling boards. Boards of the following types under all brands are available with us:
Block Boards, Bison Boards, Bison Panels, Bison Prelaminated Boards, Bison Designer Boards, Bison Structural Boards, Gypsum Boards, Saint Gobain Gypsum Boards, V Boards, Calcium Silicate Boards, False Ceiling Products, Shera Wood, Shera Planks , Shera Products, Water Proof Block Boards, Commercial Block Boards,
Glasses and Mirrors of all brands are available with us such as :
Saint Gobain – Modiguard—Mirrors , Stained Glasses, Plain Glasses, Toughened Glass, Designed Glass.
As our name suggest, Building Interior Solutions, you can match the color of exteriors and interior walls with the following choices of Paint brands and adhesives available with us:
Asian, Nerolac, Dulux, Ici,Pest Control Products, Fevicol—Fevicol Marine, Fevicol Sh, Fevicol Speedex, Fevicol-Sr, Fevicol—Heatex, Jivanjor-All Rounder, Jivanjor- Lamino, Polystic, Stag Bond, Stylam Adhesive, Abrotape,Hardwares, Carpentary Materials Etc.,


Bison Boards

A premium product of NCL Industries
BISON PANEL,a cement Bonded Particle Board made in technical collaboration with BISON WERKY of GERMANY,combines the strength of cement and workability of wood.its unique combination of properties gives it all round superiority over most other boards.It's versatility in both internal and external applications is examplified the world meets all specifications & environmental regulations for standardsof durability,safety & economy.
Cement bonded particle boards are available in:
Plain , Textured, Pre Laminated



Interior Decoration For Office-Shop-House-Modular Kitchens-Bedrooms-Hotel-Jewellery, Suppliers Of High Quality Wooden Furnitures—Steel Furnitures- Upholstery Sofas – Cots-Dining Set-Sofaset- Mattress- Kurlon- Duroflex- Sleepwell- Cotton Mattress- Pillows



We Under Take Turnkey Projects- Civil Constructions, Office Interior Solutions, Home Interior Solutions, Space Manage Ment Solutions, Modular Kitchens



We Provide Professional Consultations For Vastu Based Interior Design, Building And Architectural Design, Construction And Demolition Estimation, Consultation For Construction, Exterior And Interior Furnishing And Fixtures With Detailed Reports And Compatible Quote For Your Budget And Needs.,


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"Decorating is overwhelming--too many choices, but with Devakumar's guidance and positive personality, decorating is almost fun and the results are GREAT. By adding new pieces to my existing furnishings, he updated our home. Thank you Devakumar for making our home warm, comfortable and inviting."

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